Welcome to my lair

Come in, come in. There’s a footpath between the stacks of books, weaving towards the workspace at the back of the room. I assure you, there really is a couch under all that yarn, if you want to dump some of it on the floor and take a seat. And don’t mind the beasties – they won’t bother us. Cup of tea?

Hi. I’m the bookwyrm. I wouldn’t so much describe myself as someone who likes to keep busy, since business-ratio is rarely a factor, but rather as someone who really, really wants to do All the Things. (Oh, what I’d give for a timeturner!) I dabble in this and that- juggling, crochet, martial arts, dance, drawing and hand-lettering, papercraft in various forms. Jack of all trades and master of none, as they say.

I’m also incorrigibly literary, in a very nonacademic sort of way. (I feel like I should admit this right off the bat, so that if you want to leave quietly, you can. I won’t blame you.) One effect is that I subscribe to all those “Write your own story” and “When something goes wrong, yell plot twist and move on” inspirational descriptions of life. It’s a really helpful way of looking at things.

The first thing you realize is that, “If I can only spin one story, why on earth would it be about anything other than dragons?” The second thing you realize is, “All of these chapters need more tea and chocolate in them. For the reader, of course.” The third thing you realize is, “Maybe I need to put more work into my backstory, so I’ll have the perfect skills ready when the heist/quest/fight of the century comes along.”

…Or is that not how you’re supposed to interpret that advice?

Too late.

I already turned into a book-hoarding tea-drinking dragon with an unlikely background in random skills that will all fall together at the right moment in the quest. And it was way too much work to undo it all, so here we are.

I plan to keep right on questing. To search for adventure and opportunity, but also take the initiative in creating magic, mayhem, and a whole lot of mess. (You’ll forgive me for the dramatics, I hope – what better time for speechifying than setting off on a whole new adventure, like this blog?) This nice new shiny blog is to be the chronicles of the questing, and, I have no doubt, will soon be as coated in stray glitter, feathers, spilled ink, and yarn scraps as the rest of my life.

Want to come along?

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