Parents’ Anniversary & Watercolors

The pictures + explanations part of this post has been all drafted and sitting around for days now, while I tried to figure out something clever, or moving, or funny, to preface it with. Something about anniversaries, or marriage, or parents.

Everything came out too dramatic, or too silly, or just… not right. So here’s the simple, straight forward version of what I’ve been trying and trying to say.

I’m very blessed to have two wonderful parents, who love each other (and their children) deeply. I don’t know about you, but I find it next to impossible to express gratitude and reciprocation for more than a decade of love and care, and in with that an example of close-knit marriage to learn from which will – I think – will help me immensely in later life.

So I’m always delighted to discover a good moment to offer some little token of love, and occasions like an anniversary are perfect for something special.

All right. *deep breath* Onto the project! It’s sort of a picture-map (inspiration from this illustrated watercolor map tutorial from the postman’s knock).

First, I blocked out places for everything with pencil circles, then laid down the names in the center. (You can make out a positive grid of guide lines here!)

Then, a second pass with the pencil, putting in all the detail and darker lines. I forgot to take a picture until it was half inked in, but you can see how pencil TAC in the lower left has gone from a pile of building blocks to a real building.

Everything inked in. I was nervous about the watercolors, which I’ve not really worked in before, so there was some temptation to leave it black and white! This is also the first time I’ve used the new brush pens I’ve been practicing with. (Perfect honesty: the first time that turned out presentably.)

I’m glad I went for the watercolor! Turned out pretty nice and colorful, don’t you think?

The whole project took me two days, and- I’d guesstimate – a little over ten hours to complete. I only get last-minute inspiration, apparently. That’s how it works.


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