Teacup Rose Dragons

Introducing… the teacup rose dragons!

These little beasties are popular, hardy pets with a tough but flexible shell they can draw every long limb into. Domesticated roses are gentle and sociable, coming in a wide range of colors; the wild roses are smaller, tougher, more adventurous and wide-ranging, but snippy. (AKA prone to using their spikes!)

I know what world they come from, but I actually don’t have a full story set there right now. Just the beginning of one!

The real reason I invented these little roses is because I’m so tired. I was looking for something small and soft, sleepy and spiky and this is what happened. Non-coincidentally, the sleepy one is my favorite.

Here’s the finished watercolor roses that came out of that sketch page:

Which one’s your favorite?

What do you think, would you like a teacup rose dragon for a pet?


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