New Year, New Craft

Pretty much as long as I’ve been crocheting, I’ve been running into knit patterns mixed in with the crochet ones, sometimes very pretty patterns that I want to be able to make. It’s finally time to start unlocking the rest of the fiber crafts. The above swatch is pretty much the most basic knit, requiring you to cast on, knit, and purl.

This is a practice swatch of doubleknitting. There’s no wrong side to it; you work two yarns on your needles at once to achieve that. As usual, I’m not a big fan of practice pieces that’ll just get unraveled again, but I do have a project picked out and I’m just waiting for the yarn to get here – so in the meantime it’s good to try out a few techniques and make sure I can keep even tension and make straight rows. There’s a number of invisible cast-ons out there for the doubleknit, but I haven’t found one I like that doesn’t mess with my stitch spacing; I do like the slip stitch edge though.

Annnd here’s a bonus picture of unrelated 2020 lettering:

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