Beware the Nuthatches

“Beware of the nuthatches,” my roommate says seriously.

“Oh no.”

“But there’s only three,” she adds, reassuringly. “This is a nuthatch behind me.” Apparently one of the museum-quality oil paintings hanging over her bed, all painted herself, has been one of this deceitful and alarming race of nuthatches the entire time.

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Progress update on brush lettering

I firmly and truly believe that practice makes perfect.

I am also horribly, horribly bad at practicing anything. Ever.

It has to be fun while I’m doing it, or the lizard brain says “um, no” and turns off all concentration. It’s a very unobtrusive button, and I usually don’t notice until I look up from my book and suddenly realize it’s three hours and four hundred pages later and what happened to music practice today?

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How to Become a Bookwyrm

an undefinitive guide

1. Start reading before you are old enough to Think. Start reading while your mind is so unformed it’s not quite all the way human yet. Start reading before you understand the world around you, and never stop.

(Age is optional. You can always abandon the notion that you know how the world works, and go back to the first step. We are all becoming more and more human, step by hard step.)

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Parents’ Anniversary & Watercolors

The pictures + explanations part of this post has been all drafted and sitting around for days now, while I tried to figure out something clever, or moving, or funny, to preface it with. Something about anniversaries, or marriage, or parents.

Everything came out too dramatic, or too silly, or just… not right. So here’s the simple, straight forward version of what I’ve been trying and trying to say.

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