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The left-hand picture was taken one week ago, on July 8th. The right-hand picture was taken today, July 16th.

He’s been named Kaladin due to stubbornness, sheer nerve, and insubordinate attitude.

See those shoots at the base of the stalk? Yup, he’s been putting tendrils off the main stem for a few weeks, but those are the first new sprouts coming up on their own.

puplets and plant bois

Down at the base of the top big stalk – the first new aloe vera puplets since the Great Divide are here! It’s been a bit of a long trek for the plant bois. First it rained three days straight after I divided up the big family pot and before I could plant them again, so that they were left high and dry out of dirt rather longer then I’d intended. Continue reading “puplets and plant bois”