Progress update on brush lettering

I firmly and truly believe that practice makes perfect.

I am also horribly, horribly bad at practicing anything. Ever.

It has to be fun while I’m doing it, or the lizard brain says “um, no” and turns off all concentration. It’s a very unobtrusive button, and I usually don’t notice until I look up from my book and suddenly realize it’s three hours and four hundred pages later and what happened to music practice today?

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Parents’ Anniversary & Watercolors

The pictures + explanations part of this post has been all drafted and sitting around for days now, while I tried to figure out something clever, or moving, or funny, to preface it with. Something about anniversaries, or marriage, or parents.

Everything came out too dramatic, or too silly, or just… not right. So here’s the simple, straight forward version of what I’ve been trying and trying to say.

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Dawn of a New Hobby

I’ve always admired calligraphy. It’s so elegant and pretty. It’s also rather intimidating to get into, since you need special pens, good handwriting, and lots of practice. One thing I’ve experimented with is faux calligraphy, which can be done with a normal pen or pencil; today, I moved onto the next step up: brush pen lettering.

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