T-shirt yarn, chunky crochet, and Father’s Day

I made my first foray into chunky crochet, for Father’s Day, and it was pretty fun!

Step 1: Lots of googling.

Always lots of googling.

Then, once I’d decided t-shirt yarn looked doable, I was lucky enough to take advantage of a big yearly rummage sale and, right after that, a thriftstore sale, to pick up a whole bunch of cotton t-shirts very cheaply.

I’m sure this is exactly what professional crocheters’ workspaces always look like: mounds of clothes on the floor “because I’m working!”


Cut it all up and strip it…

and wind into balls of yarn!

All those t-shirts actually made a lot more balls, but I was too impatient to cut them all up before I started crocheting. I kept alternating cutting shirts and crocheting yarn, and never had much more than that many balls at once.

Now, just turn them all into a hexagonal rug.

You can see a few tag ends sticking out; I hadn’t quite figured out how to finish off the ends, working with the t-shirt yarn, but I suspect it should have involved needle and thread, instead of just tying them off. I think the rug still turned out pretty nicely, though.

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